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CamZap Video Chat and Video Conference

Written By admin on Saturday, 9 July 2011 | 03:23

The Top 10 List of newer and more effective, unique and interesting ways to use CamZap.

1. By using CamZap you can find your date and hope you won’t get killed on a first “rendez-vous”.

2. You can also re-connect together with your old high school love. Yes, this 400 pound dude in mask and bikini could be a former quarterback or prom king you had been crazy about in high school.

3. CamZap is easy way to find out what your neighbor can be while he is home alone.

4. If you would like get fired from a job go live on CamZap and do something stupid with hopes to appear by your boss who is some of those home alone neighbors using CamZap.

5. If you’re brave enough and want to find out some weird stuff about your folks go ahead, watch CamZap.

6. Why post on YouTube? Go on CamZap live and impress thousands instantaneously.

7. Bored with reality TV shows, watch CamZap instead.

8. CamZap lets you do things you always wanted to do.

9. If you wish to know what humans were like in a year 10,000 BC, watch CamZap.

10. If you wish to determine sanity level of our society jump in to CamZap.

11. If you want to remain sane stick with Date My Ride.

The issue that has parents around the world concerned is the fact that a great many CamZap online users are not normal users. Actually, it is quite clear that many of those people are very abnormal. And because of the random nature of a CamZap online session the user has no control over what image they will see with the first or any subsequent click of the mouse. The only thing they can control is how fast they leave. But for a young child looking at this site, it is already too late by the time they get there.

You’ve probably reached this article searching for information on CamZap because you’ve heard something from a friend or on the news relating to this new craze. If you’ve looked at any of the links you found you probably know that a great many of the video chat encounters on CamZap are extremely inappropriate for the young adolescent.

This is only one of many issues that face parents as they talk about the myriad of issues that face the average young teen or pre-teen. You have probably heard the usual recommendations, but they are worth repeating. If your child has their own computer, put it in a location that permits you to see what they are doing. Never set up a computer in their bedroom where they can surf unsupervised. Talk to your kids concerning the importance of not giving any personal information of any kind to anyone they do not know online. Explain that they should assume that things are not necessarily what they seem. These conversations are as essential as the conversations you have about drugs, alcohol and sexual behavior. CamZap.